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WinMp4Extract main screen 70mai Pro dashcam with GPS module can store speed and GPS coordinates in MP4 video recordings.
Those data can be viewed during playback on the camera or in 70mai app.
But, when you download recorded video to your phone or PC and play it with your standard video played, you CAN'T see speed and GPS coordinates.

Because of that I have created program WinMp4Extract which extracts GPS coordinates and speed from MP4 video recordings and store then in SRT file (subtitle file) that can be shown on standard video players during video playback. 

Latest version is V2.6.10, September, 28. 2020.

To be able to extract GPS data from 70mai Pro dashcam MP4 recordings, your camera must be equipped with GPS module.

If your camera doesn’t have GPS module, or it doesn’t work properly, your video recordings will not contain GPS data and WinMp4Extract will not be able to extract them simply because they don’t exist.

Program will show you a message that selected video doesn’t contain GPS data.

If you have created 70mai Pro dashcam video(s) with GPS data, download it from your camera (thru app or copy video from micro SD card) to some folder on your PC.

WinMp4Extract ChooseOptionsBefore you choose video for extracting GPS data, you can select what data, beside vehicle speed, as it can’t be turned off, you want to include in SRT file.

Created subtitle file can contain following data:

  1. GPS coordinates of the vehicle in current position in the video
  2. Traveled distance shown in SRT file and main window
  3. Speed of the vehicle (can’t be turned off)
  4. Maximal speed that has been reached until that moment in the video

Extract GPS coordinates will add actual GPS coordinates of the vehicle in the video.

Extract traveled distance will show distance traveled from the begining of the video in kilometers (in SRT file). Total traveled distance will be shown in statistics frame of the main window.

Option Extract maximal speed will add maximal reached speed (until shown moment) in SRT file.

Data extraction interval [s] offers selecting interval for extraction GPS data. You can choose to read GPS data every 1, 2, 3 5 or 10s.

Show speed statistics will just show on the forma minimal, average and maximal reached speed in entire video.

After you choose what you want to show in SRT file, select MP4\Select Video and choose MP4 video from which you want to extract GPS data.

Program will then create .SRT file with the same name as selected video. Created .SRT file is subtitle file which classic video players show as a subtitle. In order to see subtitles, you need to enable loading subtitles in your video player.

WinMp4Extract - SRT data shown during video playback

Besides that, program will create KML file which can be imported into the Google Earth.

WinMp4Extract Google Earth KML import

First place mark will be named 'Start of the ' and MP4 video name will be appended (Start of Portorož.mp4). Click on place mark will show balloon with name of the video and speed in that place mark.

The same goes for the last place mark in the KML file, only name will be ‘End of the ‘ plus name of the video (End of Portorož.mp4).

All other place marks will be shown with speed.

Program will also export data to GPX format which contains GPS coordinates and speed. When you import GPX file into the Google Earth you will be able to see additional data abot your track as distance, min, average and maximal speed (click on track name with folder icon inside Places window on the left side).

WinMp4Extract - imported GPX file

If you click on any point of the track you will see data like on the image above.

After successful extraction, WinMp4Extract will move selected video, SRT and KML file to the folder Done created inside folder from which video has been selected.

If you already have video, SRT or KML file with the same name inside folder Done, program will ask you if you want to replace it with new one.

Path to the moved video will be shown on the main window. If you click in the label, containing folder will be opened.

WinMp4Extract main window

If you click on the label Click here to open video… extracted video will be opened in your default video player.

If you have many dashcam recordings and you want to extract GPS data from all of them, you can use batch mode.

Just choose MP4\Select Folder, choose folder which contains your 70mai Pro dashcam videos and WinMp4Extract will create SRT and KML files for all videos in selected folder.

Videos that doesn’t have GPS data embedded, will be skipped and left in the folder. Other videos, from which program has successfully extracted GPS data will be moved to the folder Done.

In batch mode, if you already have video, SRT or KML file with the same name inside folder Done, program will NOT ask you if you want to replace it with new one. All existing files will be overwritten with new ones.

Program comes in two versions.

1. Install version:

Dokumenti za download:
exeWinMP4Extract 2.6.10 VRUĆE
(12 glasova)
WinMp4Extract 02

WinMP4Extract is program for extracting GPS data from 70mai pro dashcam MP4 recordings.

Datum04 Novembar 2019
Jezik  English
Sistem  Windows
Veličina 2.34 MB
Download 1.237

2. Portable version:

rarWinMP4Extract portable 2.6.10 VRUĆE
(9 glasova)
WinMp4Extract 04

WinMP4Extract portable is program for extracting GPS data from 70mai pro dashcam MP4 recordings.

Datum04 Novembar 2019
Jezik  English
Sistem  Windows
Veličina 767 KB
Download 1.046


For program to work, you must have installed net framework 4.6.1. on your PC.

I'm the author of the program but 70mai forum user M-DRV_15764775 has provided functions for GPS data extraction.

Program can be used free of charge and doesn't contain any advertisement or spam.

Program license:


This license provides you a non-exclusive rights to use under the following conditions:

It's NOT allowed to sell or rent the program you are installing.

You can freely redistribute or publish the program in any form, including distribution through websites, forums and the like, provided that the above condition is met and provided that you state the source of the program - http://amicus.ba.

You can copy the program as you like.

The program that you are installing is licensed to you "as is". You accept all the risks of using this program.

The program has been scanned for viruses and does not contain any spam.


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