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Srijeda 22 Mart 2023
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WinMP4Ext WinMP4Extract 3.3.3 VRUĆE
WinMp4Extract (04)

WinMP4Extract is program for extracting GPS data from 70mai Dash Cam Pro and 70mai A800 Dash Cam MP4 recordings.

Just install, copy MP4 recordings from 70mai pro dashcam in folder and run C:WinMp4Extract and run WinMp4Extract.

In case of 70mai A800 Dash Cam, you need to copy GPSData000001.txt from .GPS folder to the same folder where you have copied your videos.

Progam will extract GPS data from selected MP4 recording and create SRT subtitle file for showing GPS speed and coordinates in any video player. Program willl also create KML and GPX file which can be imported to the Google Earth or Google maps.

You can read more about WinMp4Extract in the article




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Veličina 3.2 MB
Preuzeto 4.247
Sistem MS Windows
Licenca Besplatno external
Autor Samir Gutić external
Cijena Besplatno
Kreirano 2019-11-04
Kreirao Samir Gutić
Mijenjano 2021-09-19
Izmijenio Samir Gutić



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pdf-0Montaža i programiranje DSC alarmnih sistema 3.2.
Preuzeto:  19-03-2023 22:22
exe-1WinMP4Extract 3.3.3
Preuzeto:   18-03-2023 20:56
pdf-2Slovarica za djecu 1.3.
Preuzeto:    18-03-2023 19:41
exe-3WinMP4Extract 3.3.3
Preuzeto:     18-03-2023 11:34
rar-4HTC Home Apis widget-i za Windows-e 3.1.628
Preuzeto:      18-03-2023 11:10

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